Webasto Board

Orbbasto 5.5 PLUS

Board ORBBASTO 5.5 contains improved ignition and all the features of version 5.2 as the diagnosis is via Bluetooth computer, laptop or phone. This enables remote diagnostics and setup of a wireless board of the distance in computer, laptop or phone.

Board ORBBASTO 5.2 has expanded model version 5.0 with extras to indicate when the PLUG work, and is interrupted, can be set temperature limits between Burning Mode 1 and 2.

Displays code and type several errors due to fading stove. From there you can find out if there Flame perhaps insufficient fuel, if the voltage is low which may be why in poor wiring or other type of error.


There are two modes of combustion individual settings setting candle, setting the fuel pump, setting the turbine and fan and adjustment of the operating time and temperature of overheating and cooling. This card is easily installed and air stoves for heating.

Webasto Board ThermoTop C/E/P/Z/D ORBBASTO

Webasto Board ThermoTop C/E/P/Z/D ORBBASTO

Diagnostic Program for ORBBASTO 5.5 PLUS
Windows XP,7,8,10 & 32 ,64 bit

Webasto Diagnostic Program Orbbasto

Diagnostic Program for Android Phone for ORBBASTO 5.5 PLUS

The program is Free as before starting turn bluetooth phone ON and Pair your phone with the heater , each board has a unique name and password it can be recognized by owners and can not to tie random people with your heater. The unique name and password are obtained by purchasing the board. After you turn on bluetooth and run the program from the home page select a device (heater) to link the program with the heater. From here on buttons and settings are the same as in the program for Windows. For more detailed information about working with the diagnostic programs, see description below.

Webasto Diagnostic Program Orbbasto , pcb