Webasto Board

Orbbasto 4.8 PLUS

Board ORBBASTO 4.8 has expanded model version 4.7 with extras to indicate when the PLUG work, and is interrupted, can be set temperature limits between Burning Mode 1 and 2 which facilitates installation in domestic heating systems and boilers for hot water. More extras with features ERRORs Codes and diagnostics through K-Line adapter for laptop or computer. There are 2 modes of combustion and setting of the fuel turbine fan running time and more. Additionally there is the voltage settings of candles and candle monitor which allows replacement of the original plug of any 12 volt plug and a different voltage may occur. In aging candle can also adjust this voltage.

Displays code and type several errors due to fading stove. From there you can find out if there Flame perhaps insufficient fuel, if the voltage is low which may be why in poor wiring or other type of error.


There is a temperature setting of overheat, and the cooling temperature which facilitates embedding into installations for heating and hot water. Furthermore, this board is easily installed and air stoves for heating.

Webasto Board ThermoTop C/E/P/Z/D ORBBASTO , pcb

Webasto Board ThermoTop C/E/P/Z/D ORBBASTO , pcb

Diagnostic Program for ORBBASTO 4.8.0
Windows XP,7,8,10 & 32 ,64 bit

Webasto Diagnostic Program Orbbasto