EBER Board VeskoBasto


Board VeskoBasto is analogous to the original plate heater EBERSPACHER D1L - 12 Volt, D2L - 12 Volt, D3L - 12 Volt, D5L - 12 Volt, and is intended for direct substitution of the original, and is activated analog (Timer or remote control). The board has a program for diagnostics and wedge adaptable for any other type of fuel pumps (12volts) settings MW, and the time of operation of the heater and other.Board is designed to save time and money of its future owners.

The board is improved and simplified maximum circuit, hardware and software are preserved merits of the original board added extras and additional opportunities. The board has a very simple and reliable circuit topology, inexpensive to manufacture, easy to use, and easy maintenance and repair using elements that are prevalent in the market and are very cheap. High quality and low price and high reliability and convenience for the customer demonstrates the high technology you can rely on. The merits of our board are full compatibility 1:1 with original, easy installation (replacement of the original), fast easy and inexpensive repairs and widespread and affordable and cheap items.

The board is very resistant to heavy loads used are powerful transistors with 100% headroom, resistant to electrical loads and high temperature range from -40 to +105 degrees. Has passed tests in garages real ovens in cars and works perfectly. Very easily ignited and maintain stable combustion, much faster heating and baking temperature. Is installed and running in many cars and campers and hot-water boilers.

The board has diagnostic and adjustable program for the diagnosis of the heater and its individual modules and to adjust the operation of the circuit board.

With this program can try different functions of the heater and board and to adjust the frequencies of turbine and fuel pumps, Time employment and other and to save those settings in the memory of the heater. So memorized heater will now work with these settings. This allows for replacement with different models and different models candles fuel pumps. The program requires no installation and drivers and runs immediately as specify the Com port in the configuration and connect heater with diagnostic cables. The board connects to your PC or laptop via a standard K-Line Adapter which used in auto diagnostic car. Can be purchased from any store for parts or to make a given scheme. It is also possible to connect through the adapter USB-RS232 to USB port on your laptop.