Webasto Board

Orbbasto Week Timer

Timer with weekly programming. It has up to 8 programs and is powered by a 12 volt or battery adapter. Suitable for heaters, boilers, coffee machines, air conditioners and more. It is programmed through a laptop, computer or phone bluetooth. Relay output up to 250 volts / 5A. It can work directly with 220 volts.

Power - 12v 28ma
Power from an adapter or battery

Batery not included

Webasto Board ThermoTop C/E/P/Z/D ORBBASTO

Webasto Board ThermoTop C/E/P/Z/D ORBBASTO

Config Program for Orbbasto Week Timer
Windows XP,7,8,10 & 32 ,64 bit

Webasto Diagnostic Program Orbbasto

Config Program for Android Phone for Orbbasto Week Timer

The program is Free as before starting turn bluetooth phone ON and Pair your phone with the Timer , each board has a unique name and password it can be recognized by owners and can not to tie random people with your Timer. The unique name and password are obtained by purchasing the Timer. After you turn on bluetooth and run the program from the home page select a device (Timer) to link the program with the Timer. From here on buttons and settings are the same as in the program for Windows.

Webasto Config Program Orbbasto , pcb

Recommended circuit when connecting the Timer to a Webasto Heater.

webasto week timer ORBBASTO