HEATER works in 5 modes:

Mode 0 - HEATER Stop
Mode 1 - Ignition
Mode 2 - Burning 1
Mode 3 - Burning 2
Mode 4 - Blow

Mode 0 - HEATER Stop is on hold on the heater for a command to switch from the switch for inclusion shall be submitted constant 12 volts and was quenched with a constant 0 volts. If an Diagnostics commands from the switch are ignored in diagnostic mode. If during operation of the heater include diagnosis heater goes into standby Blow and extinguish it can be options make the heater.

Ignition Mode 1 is the launch of the heater with a constant 12 volts Plus Key to pin 1 of connector to 180 seconds and getting fired. heater if you get Flame makes 3 ignition attempts and failing off.

Mode 2 Burning 1 of ignition heater and getting Flame to 70 degrees. Recommended settings for this mode are more fuel for rapid warming.

Burning Mode 3 Mode 2 after 2 Burning 1 , 70 degrees up to the temperature of overheating. For ORBBSPACHER 1.0 this temperature is set at 80 degrees . Recommended settings for this mode are less fuel to maintain the temperature (Sleep mode). Once the heater is working and has reached the temperature of overheating it is turned off and cool. If not expired operating time set by the program to diagnose cooling in the cooling temperature heater turns again to operate and maintain temperature. For ORBBSPACHER 1.0 the cooling temperature is set to 65 degrees . Differences between the temperature of overheating and x-ray of cooling is at least 10 degrees. If the difference is small heater will do very often involve flammable and will drain the battery unnecessarily.

Mode 4 - Blow is completing work on the heater and burn excess fuel remaining in the chamber, blown used candles to burn fuel and turbine to blow it. Blowing lasts for 3 minutes and is forbidden to interrupt diagnostics. heater continuously monitor the housing temperature and supply voltage (battery) and if the power is below 10.5 volts does not start and if it is running off. While the oven is operating in Mode Lighting, Burning Mode 1 and Mode 2 Burning water pump runs constantly.

Diagnostic Program ORBBSPACHER

Diagnostic programs written specifically for the board and the board ORBBSPACHER can not work with other programs and program can not work with other boards. Diagnostic programs are used to set the board during installation or at any time when the board is installed. With its help make can be adjusted the board of modes and options. With the help of the program can check the operation of the water pump, spark plugs, turbine, fuel pumps and fans of the coupe as each has buttons for switching on and off. Water Pump: no settings, just check as on and off.

Candle: has buttons for switching and voltage adjustment. Diagnostic mode, the program shows the board supply voltage and temperature of the enclosure. At the bottom is the indication mode of the heater and whether there is a connection with her.

Fuel pump has buttons for switching and mode settings ignition and two modes of combustion. The turbine has buttons for switching and settings for both modes of combustion. Flash mode is not allowed in options. Fan coupe has buttons for checking and adjusting the PWM outputs or relays and temperature setting on and off. The cabin fan is included in the work of the heater and when the temperature is above the set in the setting and turns off when the temperature falls below the set or heater is off due to leakage during operation.

Options settings are time job which can be adjusted from 30 to 90 minutes or over 90 minutes which means a permanent job while there is power and fuel. The regime of permanent employment is intended for plants with steam or hot water boiler or economical home heating.

Log File: The section contains a log file in text options of the program and can be saved in a text file with the name of the heater RECORD button. The file will save you options of each oven and if necessary you can turn it to the archive files Setting of each oven.

Recording settings in the heater: This button at the bottom left of the program is to record the settings in onboard memory, which is volatile. So saved settings will be used for future work on the heater.

Restore Factory Settings: This button at the bottom right is the outcome in Emergency when you mess Setting-heater does not start and can not remember original settings or just want to restore the original settings.


In related diagnostic programs and board ORBBSPACHER change button settings especially fuel and turbine directly affecting the board and during the regime of burning heater and so can monitor the combustion as push settings at work and monitor the quality of combustion of the fuel. If you do not click "Save settings in the heater" the next time the board will load old settings.

When you pull the diagnostic program and start it for the first time must specify Comport in config Program. If you change the port of the cable must also specify in the config correct port.

Diagnostic program checks every 5 seconds communication with the board, and if interrupted or the board does not meet reported that as written no connection to the heater.